Oct 27, 2014

Sweet Potato Burgers

sweet potato burgers-16497


These Gluten free sweet potato burgers are even better with pepper jack cheese and fresh tomato!

I made these last week but was in a hurry so I didn’t take any photos. They were so good I made them again!


sweet potato burgers-16456


This is really quick to put together as a lot of the ingredients can be prepped in advance.

In a bowl add cooked sweet potatoes


sweet potato burgers-16457


and mash them up.


sweet potato burgers-16458


Then toss in the grated raw sweet potatoes,


sweet potato burgers-16460


chopped parsley,


sweet potato burgers-16461




sweet potato burgers-16464




sweet potato burgers-16465


roasted red bell peppers,


sweet potato burgers-16468




sweet potato burgers-16471




sweet potato burgers-16473




sweet potato burgers-16475


red pepper,


sweet potato burgers-16482


and cumin. Mix all together and shape into burger patties.


sweet potato burgers-16483


place on a greased baking sheet and bake at 350 for 40 minutes or so. Part way through turn over when medium brown.


sweet potato burgers-16488


Serve with all your favorite condiments.


sweet potato burgers-16495


I am liking these gluten free rolls made by LivWell made with tapioca starch, rice flour and potato starch. They taste pretty good too. 


sweet potato burgers-16496


A couples slices of pepper jack cheese and a slice of tomato will be just about right.


sweet potato burgers-16500


Wait, a little ketchup too! 


sweet potato burgers-16501


Now we’ve got a sandwich!


Sweet Potato burgers


  • 2 cups cooked mashed sweet potatoes
  • 1 cup grated sweet potato
  • 1 cup oats
  • 3/4 cup cooked corn
  • 3/4 cup chopped parsley
  • 1/2 cup chopped cilantro
  • 1/2 cup chopped roasted red peppers
  • 1/4 cup chopped dates
  • 1 tablespoon chopped garlic
  • cumin, red pepper and salt to taste

In a bowl mix everything together.  If it's too soupy add a little more oats. Shape into burgers. place on a greased baking sheet and bake at 350 for 40 minutes or until medium brown. Turn over partway through.
Serve with your favorite condiments.

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Oct 13, 2014

Fat wiggly puppies

little puppies-16102


We got to meet 9 fat wiggly Poodle Anatolian Shepard great Pyrenees puppies. 

You may remember just last year Allison Krauss, the Anatolian Shepard /great Pyrenees was a fuzzy white puppy herself and now she’s a teenage mother. James Taylor  the long legged black poodle is now a young dad. James works hard to provide for his young family. Or something like that. Well maybe more like he gets told to stop being so hyper and gets taken for walks to use up some of his extra energy. In any case he didn’t make it into any of the puppy photos.


little puppies-16096


Allison likes visitors because she gets biscuits. 


little puppies-16100


The curious puppies came out to meet us first.


little puppies-16118


Allison kept an eye on us.


little puppies-16101


Then there were so many puppies excited to see us they were too hard to count and they all were black except for a few with white bits here and there.


little puppies-16115


little puppies-16113




little puppies-16121


Look at those huge puppy paws!

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Oct 6, 2014

Fresh cilantro guacamole with chips

guacamole and chips-15609


Fresh guacamole with chips made from corn tortillas.


guacamole and chips-15593


All you need is a handful of fresh cilantro,


guacamole and chips-15594


some ripe avocados,


guacamole and chips-15595




guacamole and chips-15596


and mashed,


guacamole and chips-15597


You need that cilantro chopped


guacamole and chips-15598


and mixed into the mashed avocado.


guacamole and chips-15599


If you’re a wimp and afraid of spending the whole afternoon crying just cut a few onion slices.


guacamole and chips-15601


Mince them up and add to the avocado and cilantro.


guacamole and chips-15602


Add lemon juice in the neighborhood of a 1/4 cup plus or minus.


guacamole and chips-15603


season with salt and cumin to your liking.


guacamole and chips-15607


Garnish with cherry tomatoes.


guacamole and chips-15604


For the chips, cut 6” corn tortillas


guacamole and chips-15605


into pieces.


guacamole and chips-15606


heat some oil in a pan and fry them until lightly golden. I found I liked the strips better, they were easier to turn.

Oh, and don’t touch the hot spatula that was just in the hot oil! You can burn your finger that way. Just thought I’d mention that.


guacamole and chips-15610


Serve warm, they’re very munchable.




a handful of cilantro chopped

2-3 ripe avocados

a few slices of red onion

lemon juice, salt, and cumin to taste

Cherry tomatoes for garnish


Peel and mash avocados. Add chopped cilantro, lemon juice, salt an cumin. Mix together and see if you like the taste. If not add more of something and taste again.


Tortilla chips


6” corn tortillas

oil for frying


Cut tortillas in pieces. Heat oil until is just starts to have a tiny bit of smoke coming off the top. drop in tortilla pieces. stir to separate pieces. until starting to brown. Remove and drain on paper towels. Eat warm with fresh guacamole.

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