Oct 29, 2012

Updated pastel social media icons

updated free pastel social icons

Updated free pastel social media icon set.
As requested, here are the added icons plus the google plus icon I somehow forgot to include before.
This set includes:
Google plus
Good reads

Thanks to Gina of DigitalDesignEssentials for  the ribbon and frame used in my image here. They have lots of fun scrapbook things.  visit them for creative inspiration.

Download here It should download automatically.

If you like them please share, pin, tweet, comment.  Leave a link in your comments to your site where you use them I’d love to see those icons at work .


emily vontom said...

These are great! I'd love to see LinkedIn and Diigo icons! :) Thanks!

kim acosta said...

oh wow! :) thank you! 

Lindsay said...

Thank you!! Love them. :)

Winston & Willow said...

would love one for bloglovin!

Kiwee said...

It would be great if you had a bloglovin button or a miscellaneous button xD

Zoe said...

Hi, I've got these icons on my site and love them! It would be great if you could create a 'blogger' button so that other blogger users can follow me. Ditto for Bloglovin!

Thanks :)


Sugar Spun Sisters said...

Thank you for sharing these - we've used them over on our blog!

Meg, Happy Kids, Inc said...

Glad I found these! Thanks for sharing.

Can I ask what site you designed your share bar on?

Your newest follower via GFC and Twitter. Come visit sometime!

Happy Kids, Inc

Emma said...

Love these, exactly what I've been searching for! But I can't get them to download :( Are they still available ?Thank you.

Lesley said...

These are so great! Have you ever thought of making a Ravelry (ravelry.com) icon? I would love to have one on my blog and have never seen an icon set w/ it included.


reKindle Photography said...

Love these! Already using them on my website .Is there any way you could add a blogger icon? Thanks


PancakeNinja said...

I just made a ravelry icon in the new Earth tone icon set.

PancakeNinja said...

You might like the earth tone icons I recently made http://pancake-ninja.blogspot.com/2013/05/earth-social-icons.html

If you want to change the colors you can always change the colors with the eye dropper to suit your color theme.

Looked at you site, I love Scriptina font!

ash said...

could you make a bloglovin' icon for this set? (:

Cyrielle said...

Thanks! I wil trit it with my blog: http://m00nlightthread.canalblog.com/

Michelle said...

I agree - LinkedIn please!

PancakeNinja said...

You might want to check out my recent Earth icons they include
Good reads
Google plus
Linked in
and a blank one to edit yourself.

Daniela Walsh said...

Love these icons! Thanks! Using them on my blog.



Samantha Lo said...

These icons are adorable! Thank you for sharing them :)


Emily said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing :)
Emily xx


Melissa Cook said...

These icons are so cute! any chance there's a youtube one somewhere?

MonoYoga said...

Great icons, just missing the Vimeo one. I´m already using them. Thanks!

Samantha said...

THANK YOU! love!

Madalyn Friedrich said...

These pastel, social media buttons are great! Thank you, I used them on my website :) (http://madalynsblog.wordpress.com/)

It would be fantastic if there was one for LinkedIn.

Rachel said...

How the heck do I get them on my blog?!!!

Shana said...

Adorable, thanks!!

Lilli said...

Thanks a bunch, I've just put them on my blog and they are so cute! THANK YOU!

Carroll said...

Thanks so much for sharing this darling icons. I'm attempting to add them to my blog: chroniclesofcarroll.blogspot.com.

Katia said...

Thank you so much for these..they are gorgeous! I've installed them on my blog and they've made it wonderful :-) audreysglams.blogspot.gr

Ellesar said...

These are so pretty :)

Micah Paragas said...

These are soooo adorable! I used it on my newly made tumblr account: http://queenmicah.tumblr.com/ :) I sure hope you could add Youtube, Ask and Archive (for tumblr). :)

Heather said...

Thank you so much for these social icons! I've just put them on my blog and am loving them! Just joined your blog too, looking forward to having a read!
Have a great day!
Heather : )

Lisa Z said...

Thanks for the icons! They are lovely! I've used it on my blog http://www.kizmi.com/

Simply love the set!

sophia said...

Great !!!! By any chance there is a Youtube icon ???? Thank you so much

Jessica said...

Thank you so much!!

Kristi Mercer said...

LOVE these!!! Put them to work on my new blog: http://makingitinthemountains.wordpress.com/ Thanks SO much for sharing!

Katie said...

Thanks, these are so cute! I am currently using them on my site! :)


coccinella said...

lovely icons!! i used them on by blog dirimpa.wordpress.com - you'll find the link to your blog at the very bottom of the right bar.

lishamisha22 said...

Hi hi! I would Love a youtube Icon button from this set!


Tammi Velez said...

These are perfect! If I can figure out how to do it, I'm going to put them on my blog at http://www.velezita.com Wish me luck!

Estella said...

These are beautiful! Would it be possible to have a youtube one as well as a dayre one?

Roxanne said...

OMG I love pastel colors! I also saw your other icons and they're all so cute! Thank you so much for sharing them to us! I just followed you because you're an awesome and generous person and you're now one of my favorite bloggers! ♥

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