Sunday afternoon

by - 5:53 PM

homemade binoculars

With an imagination you can go anywhere and  with a  binoculars you can see a lot.

Spotting scope

You can see even farther off in the distance with a spotting scope.

Nathan taught me this, though I keep forgetting and call it a “spy glass” . 

Ruthie jumps

We met Ruthie. 

Ruthie jumps

She loves to play fetch.

Ruthie jumps

If you throw the stick she’ll fetch.

Ruthie jumps

Again and again.

Dog on boat

Ruthie also has a boat, she uses it for business. ya know, to take potential customers out in. She’s found it works better than inviting them to dig for old bones in the garden.

Tellico lake

Tellico Lake is a pretty nice place to be on a summer afternoon.

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