Sep 28, 2012

Favorite free story board templates

day 9 most weekends

I’ve been on a collage kick recently. Here are a few of my latest favorite free story board and collage templates.
For Day 9 of Photoaday I used this free template From Krista Lund Photography. Thank you Krista I really like this!

12 together 20x20 Storyboard - Clickin Moms

This rounded corner 9 photo story board is at Clickin’ moms and you don’t have to be a mom to download the template. Thanks Beth for making this one.

14 favorite

This is from  Maybemej-princess Estelle template. Thanks Molle I love your design style.

day 11 hero photoaday SEPT

day 7 natural photoaday SEPT

These two are  also from Maybemej this is from her Vintage flower collection.

Maybemej_happy_fall 2

This is yet another free fun fall template from Mebemej. This is one came in a .png form so I just put the photos under it. I guess if I knew what I was doing I could make a clipping mask for each photo and have it all ready to go for each time I wanted to use it. But I’m too busy admiring other beautiful template and planning to use them sometime.

15 first thing you see

I just free handed these two together, no template. 
 I think there’s something about stereotypes that we all love. I spend most of my time telling parents that their children will not have missing teeth from playing hockey and then I see this guy and my mind instantly says “Hockey player”.

22 up2

Free collage template for lightroom from Bob Shank photography.
2 father2
This is from Helen  Bradley’s free collage templates. She always writes really helpful articles on Digitalphotographyschool. Thanks Helen.

1 you now
Free button frames from Thaskindacool. Thanks Andrea I really like this.


free frame from photoDUDs. Please don’t ask me what this plant is called, I forget even though I was just told it’s name yesterday.


Maybemej said...

thanks. i am glad you like my freebies =) And also told others about it. Have a great day.

Maybemej said...

 I love that font.. may i ask what font it is. =)
Have a great weekend

PancakeNinja said...

I mostly used a free google font called Meddon

Fonts are so much fun! I should probably make a post with some of my favorite free fonts. 

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